Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Market Thoughts

Recently, there have been a lot of ups and downs in the market. The first thing that caught my eye was the falling yuan which broke the seven level against the US dollar, which signaled the current monetary policy in China. The casualties today were Mapletree NAC which dropped 4.48% and CapitaR China which dropped 1.99%. The drop in RMB also meant it dropped against SGD which means it will affect the two reits' profits.

Hong Kong also saw the escalation of protests in the airport where Cathay Pacific got the brunt in the falling HK market. It dropped about 7-8% these few days as flights were blocked.

But interestingly, US market has rebounded today due to simmering of US-China trade tensions and yields and stocks prices are soaring.

I am focusing on Bank of China at the moment which is 2.97 HKD and giving a 7% yield. At point of writing, SGDHKD is 5.67 which might go lower if USD is going to strengthen further this year (assuming if USDHKD peg remains intact).

Moreover, SIA seems to be an interesting point too since the HK airport protests will affect airlines (albeit not as much as Cathay),  but currently at 9.05 and today had a 52-week low of 8.95.

Probably HK market will rebound (briefly) due to the rebound in the US. But I believe in the short term the HK market is probably going to breach new lows as the protests do not seem to be subsiding.

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