Sunday, October 11, 2020

CPF Top Ups Again

 Another leap of faith- you can refer my very first in this blogpost back in February.

A few reasons mainly:

1) Uncertainty is really widespread now and I believe stock market are pretty risky now

2) Interest rates are dead low and even yields are suppressed (eg. bank dividends being capped, profits dropping)

3) Medisave gives me a solid 5% for now amidst such turbulent times without me having to worry and/or bother about it

4) Reduction of income tax for this year (FY19/20)- I admit this is the sweetest point here.

I am also more inclined towards Medisave because I am minimally assured that I am (partially?!) covered for medical expenses. Still money in my pocket, albeit money with restrictions.

What do you think?


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