Sunday, April 14, 2019

April Thoughts

I have been expecting some downward movement this year but it is a pity it has not materialized yet. Last night I was reading articles on Marketwatch on how the fear index is plummeting and how earnings and China have made recession a distant memory which were both pretty intriguing to me.

I have mentioned previously about the inverted yield curve and how it is used as a recession indicator. My take is this: so far the S&P 500 has returned approximately 10% from 1926 and it seems like any point of entry will not severely shortchange you (assuming the companies you buy do not go defunct).

Therefore, I have shortlisted a list of stocks which I would really love to buy. These are based on my initial interest and I will delve into the subsequent analysis later.

1) DBS
3) UOB
4) SGX
5) ST Engineering
6) Mapletree REITs

Please suggest any more stocks too, I will be happy to look at them.

Hope everyone has been investing well.

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