Sunday, August 4, 2019

STI and HSI Red Amidst the Trade War

A short read today showed that the STI plunged 2% due to escalating tensions in the US-China trade war. This could be contributed to the tariffs which Trump promised on Friday, which includes a 10% tariffs on US$300 billion worth of goods. On the contrary, the Federal rate cut did not give the expected stimulus to the stock market, which might not be unexpected as based on current market conditions, a rate hike should have been more logical.

As I am very interested in the STI constituents, I decided to see which stocks were bearing the brunt today.

The first stock is SIA which is hovering near its 52-week low of 9.01. At this point of writing, its current price is 9.02.

The second stock (which I have mentioned before) is SATS which is hovering near its 52-week low of 4.55. At this point of writing, its current price is 4.74.

Other notable stocks include DBS which had a 3.2% drop today.

Another point of interest will be the HK market, where today, 5th of August, is notably the biggest strike in Hong Kong's history. I think it is a double whammy for HK as they have to deal with the twin reasons of the trade war and the ongoing protests.

I am currently looking at Bank of China, which has broken its previous 52-week low of 3.19 to 3.05, which makes it even more appealing to go in. (Let us bear in mind that BOC is actually based in China and is just a H-share) I will be looking at other HK banks but I will be probably avoiding those banks based in HK such as the BOC (HK) holdings and Hang Seng Bank etc.

Just a superficial thought.


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